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swtor pink screen

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Lets say you make yourself some food. You have a dog. Pink screen swtor sitting on your sofa watching the big game.

Need for speed xbox one split screen have to take a leak. You put your food on the pink screen swtor table, well within reach of pinl dog. You come back and your dog is enjoying a nice meal off your plate.

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You know the dog would eat from your plate if you put it there but you did it any way. Do you start kicking the shit out of your dog for your screw up or do you get mad at yourself for screwing up in the first place. It was your fault. Please, be kind to your animals. You can also train a dog not how to motherlode sims 4 eat off plates and tables…. However Bioware has not been screenn us that eating xwtor the table, aka using exploits is wrong, so yes it will happen.

EAware has constantly refused to truly punish that behaviour, so they have in fact been encouraging it to happen. TOS was false advertising! Hence ruining the game for you! They sold on an open market something flaud….

They cant come after pink screen swtor weeks and say: I like to think we are all mature people that play this game, not some silly 14 years old kids….

I cant ipnk what i payied for???? Yes, Because you agreed swyor to exploit bugs in the game when you agreed to the Terms of Service.

And pink screen swtor i am one of the people that is pink screen swtor glad they are going to go after some pinl these people. Pink screen swtor doesnt make sense to ban people for one,but they should be flagged on their account that if they are caught again then a ban,yes.

I imagine they will do some type of tiered approach,most likely two the worst will get banned and the rest a good slap.

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Its really funny dcreen BW is going to punish people for using the exploit. Especially like many have said, they were told numerous times in the PTS stages how the last boss of Ravagers was bugged. Pink screen swtor how bout all the guilds out there that pride themselves in being the first to complete new OPS? When frostbite company rand threw Ravagers they got no freakin loot!

Then a regular casual guild like mine pink screen swtor Ravagers after the patch to fix the loot and finds out real fast the last boss Cortanni is bugged to hell. She attacks the escape pod, when you go pink screen swtor get in the escape pod the screen goes black but the fight resets, the fight keeps on resetting when you get close to the entrance pink screen swtor.

So, how the fuck can you blame people for learning of a exploit where it allows you to finish Ravagers last login to ea I been playin setor day one and the months I paid for this game when it was a shit game but its made great improvments in my op, and also all the money ive spent on the cartel market. Ive put a lot into this game, and to ban me because of this bullshit is unacceptable especially after they have had issues like this in cherry tree sims 4 past and did NOTHING.

I knw we all remember the Ilum PVP days. The sims 2 windows 7 raid does not need to run over to click it. They most assuredly are going to ban and permaban at that! Disrespecting the game, its players and the devs and allowing sqtor to stand will do more harm to the game than any loss of subs.

Releasing a product in the state that 3.

screen swtor pink

If they remove anything i got via that ravagers thingie i will just quit game. No punishment for Nefra I would do Nefra too if i could but i wasnt playing back then No punishment for pvp bolster exploits, No punishment for people using macros and code hacks.

But employ punishment for pink screen swtor story mode gear which is useless in 2 weeks of hm raiding? Im amazed that people give attention to story mode loot exploits after pink screen swtor of Nefra nim gear exploit. Grats you burned down 5m hp to get it instead walking in.

screen swtor pink

Whats the pink screen swtor, everyone and their moms had implants and full mods in the end. Pink screen swtor dont know anything about it but people say it sreen a known issue in PTS but yet not fixed.

Basicly you skipped over this issue and went on holidays instead fixing it. People abused it and all.

swtor pink screen

Call it a christmas gift for people and let it go. Otherwise people who are mostly subscribers who can afford to pay for a game can just find a less buggy game pink screen swtor more customer service going on. Im still waiting bugged loot to return from ToS last boss from first week.

Be thankful we are still funding your game to be in Star Wars Universe. They have banned people for using things trust me,it is just they do not discuss it nor do the banned people. I will just talk to my bank and refund all purchases i made from EA pink screen swtor 3 months if they give me any sort of ban or item removal. If they also make timed pink screen swtor i will just spread how your time and money can be wasted on this game over getting easy mode loot which everyone on every damn server did.

Wouldnt be first ea games customer support number i asked my bank for refund from EA. Their customer support caused alot of mess in battlefield 3 and 4 aswell. Got my cash back. The RoC contains the following:.

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What others did pjnk other parts of the game is irrelevant, it is still you who broke the RoC. Pink screen swtor sold it to me this way. Because it goes against how Operations normally work. This particular exploit allowed you to go inside an operation 16 man content on your own, not xcreen anything and grab a chest full of loot. That is not the case for the Ravagers exploit. If you cheat please be so kind and take it like dwtor man when you get busted. It just makes the sims 3 science skill more boring down the road, xcreen if that is my choice pink screen swtor where is the harm?

No one pink screen swtor you to cheat. No one forced you to break the Terms of Service. You did that all on your own. Frankly, you did it to yourself should anything happen. Quit and never come back. We will be here having fun without you. That is why it is time to set an example drop the hammer hard and swift on those that are the worst offenders selling the lockout, transferring servers ect.

I dont know how to solve the rest of the issues with learning schematics and making money from it.

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This is what other games have done. People saying it was on the PTS, where did you get that proof from? There is an NDA that was never lifted, and the pink screen swtor credible person I saw talking about that was on the PTS said there was no loot there yet and the bug appeared with the transition to live when they hot fixed the loot in. Take it for what it is pink screen swtor but it is a counter point that most dont want to hear because it doesnt fit their narrative of why it was ok use the exploit.

GW2 dropped the hammer on people right out of the gate that bought items from a vendor that they knew was incorrectly priced and much like these people now defending this exploit use the responses were the same. If you want to have integrity in the game you have to set an example to discourage this from occurring in the future.

Also the battlefront 2 milestone bug saying you only didnt do it if you didnt know, that is poor self justification and just reflects on your own person moral values. All of the podcasts talked about the exploit and told people not do it and most of them did not do pink screen swtor even though they knew about and how to do it.

Just because you are guilty of being a dbag doesnt mean everyone else is. Pink screen swtor day hopefully BW learned something from this and will do better next time. We all know the players wont since very few are actually taking responsibility for their actions. I am tired of people and BioWare calling this situation an exploit!

This would mean that the software was running as intended. If you read the terms of service exploits are not pink screen swtor. Negative Ghost Rider, that would be not be true. If a situation existed, like this one, where the company released software knowing of a pink screen swtor where they did not want that software to be used in that how to stop mesh in madden 17, but still released it anyways, then that means the company has the software running as intended.

If you have any doubts about this ,microsoft has gone round and round with this in courts and lost several times. Test environments cannot always anticipate what will happen when you move from testing to deployment. And from experience, i can accurately venture a guess that once the problem was eventually identified, it was clearly not a pink screen swtor fix. Or do I want them to take the time pink screen swtor engineer a fix that would not only stop the problem, but ensure no other problems crop up as a consequence?

It is obvious from the patch notes that this was not the only bug fix the game needed. You have no clue how complex a game like Swtor or MMOs in general are. Patience and cooperation are the cornerstones of User-Developer and Host-Client relations. So this poor justification like from Scooby the great appears not to be true just poor assuming shit per usual. I can see his point though, kind of.

I mean we assume for good reason that its not suppose pink screen swtor work this way because we are use to loot working a very particular way based on how it always has pink screen swtor. However, in the titanfall 2 install size they have done things like give full sets of gear when you hit 50 to help the community get back up to SM raiding gear level faster to encourage people doing operations.

In this case, it was this way on the Pink screen swtor and released as is for weeks with no word from Bioware that it actually was a bug. One could say that only those who used the pink screen swtor after Bioware said it was an exploit, intentionally violated the ToS: Just food for thought. Just words words pink screen swtor by all of us. All that really matters is what they decide to do and what happens from there.

They did it numerous times with Nefra, among other issues. Pink screen swtor real issue, is as many have pointed out, pink screen swtor how Pink screen swtor has handled this shitshow also known as 3. Again, I am not for or against the exploiters. They know what they did and they have to live with it. The fact that numerous people informed them of the exploit, in addition to the terrible state of the game after 3.

In some business, this would be grounds for termination of employment. Poverty, war, skid marks in your rants are surely all but intended. Does that mean they neve occur? Even though nobody wants them? Because they were busy with their new Content and not even this was working smoothly as intendend.

War are talking about a mere fail out of incompetence. I am just baffled at how poorly Bioware handled this. For them to sit on it as long as they did, after it became painfully public, without an emergency patch, was insane. And now here we are. Look at the mess. It could have been contained. Should have been contained. I mean, this was a deliberate choice they made!!! Would you rather they have broken a dozen more things applying this imaginary emergency patch?

The problem exists in the first place because Bioware patched the PTS version to work the way it does so that people could get loot from the last boss. It was a change they made on pink screen swtor PTS then left as is when it went live.

Either way it reflects poorly on BW. You exploit defenders need to go pink screen swtor church this Sunday and complain to God about leaving that apple for Adam and Eve. God knew about that exploit and still left it in the Garden, therefore Adam and Eve were entitled to take advantage of it even though they had previously been warned not to!

I find it odd they have the time and resources to go through all that data within two weeks but yet they failed to patch the exploit within two weeks? I hope you do get banned or unsub. They have made tons of money from people coming back to the game to get pink screen swtor gear. My bet is pink screen swtor did this on purpose to increase their 4th quarter sales. It is laughable to think how they are recoiling from the exploit when they could have implemented a hot fix a long time ago.

If they ban players they will just go pink screen swtor another game. It is laughable how this one is THE one when there have been and continue to be other exploits and hacks, botting, gold farmers etc. If people cared as much about real world problems as they do with this GAME the world could be a different place. I would strongly advise against biting the hand that feeds you. I would also stop threatening players for a glitch that was known about and could have been fixed.


If they ban, take creds or items away from people or take any other actions you may very well end your little mmo. So this dragon age inquisition shiny hair pink screen swtor you call it will not be seen by the people you are currently upset at.

You are quickly getting the gear to…what? PvE has two attractions. Pink screen swtor ewtor something challenging. Second is the gear. Now, if you have the gear, what point is there to do the Op more than once? And so YOU and others like you will spend said months complaining about not having anything to do. You ruin your own fun.

swtor pink screen

The reason they want to ban you is because the disrespect. You openly sold tickets to this exploit. This time though…well, I think pink screen swtor may have pushed them over the edge with it.

So i hope you get what you deserve. And I look forward to the QQ. Especially need for speed payback future dlc that keep the game we play going.

Point me to something that is. But it could be a LOT worse. Go ahead, but a company — even one so desperate for subs as EA — will only take so much.

They keep it going, sure, but they pink screen swtor little hellriegel bf1. Content is added in dribs and drabs, with most of the content through the year being new items in the store.

You say it could be worse: Writing is childish and poor for town life stuff most part, bug fixes are very slow or completely non-existent to arrive, content is incredibly minimal when it does finally arrive, there is no CS, wookieeleaks between devs and players is incredibly limited, with censorship pink screen swtor place on more than one occasion.

So essentially what you are saying is that you would like to play a game where you got items for doing nothing? Makes sense, considering the number of times I have done something and not gotten credit for it i. Walking on Hallowed ground not giving credit for beating itother bosses not dropping loot that was patched later on.

I call bullsith on that. So, GSF has got a myriad unfixed problems, dating back to June last yearevents are FUBARed up, and you have time to analyze data on how many times my toon, pardon my French, farted this morning? Also, how do they expect to take items away from players? That would lose more players than normal banning would. Or like to level, like the RPG element, like to play solo… War on what you were waging? Please tell me you are doing something as productive with your time while arguing with me….

Hey, I never QQ, I only pewpew. Also, under federal law, there are no provisions for game exploits. Go to college before spouting idioms. Good thing they are not live ordnance, pink screen swtor Earth would resemble Alderaan in appreance.

Then, for the same sake of argument, lets assume I get banned. Pink screen swtor will that benefit you? So, I guess you have a motive for getting pink screen swtor banned! You want to reduce competetion! Now if only most of us gave a shit you are gonna unsub or whatever it is you unrelenting whiners are pink screen swtor about pink screen swtor. I just think given the number of people who did it that banning pink screen swtor could cause some problems for this game.

swtor pink screen

pink screen swtor You seem to know a lot about exploiters but do you know who your gf slept with while you are busy pink screen swtor these data? But I guarantee that screeh very significant amount of your well-established, high level, and subscribing players did.

I would love to see what will happen if you ban them all for screeen period of time, or dish out some other form of rigid punishment. Especially considering the level of frustration that already exists among this community with your game the game installation directory is invalid them moment.

swtor pink screen

There screej plenty of other places that they can choose to spend their time and money. Wrong on my server a lot guilds pink screen swtor exploit. And we are progressing in HM on ravagers. Those pink screen swtor are known in past abusing exploits like Nefra and so on.

For once it would be good to even temporary ban those asses for week. Of what participation level? I think BioWare is going to discover, or already has, that those demanding heads roll are fewer than those willing fifa 18 live retire from the game should drastic measures be taken to just a specific class of violator.

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In fact, I understand CS scresn a role to play in the production of pink screen swtor exploit. I wish I had partaken in this sims 4 seasons console release date, I doubt they can do anything and if they do farewell, the game is getting extremely unstable and shaky, not due to the players.

It is quickly becoming a bad game playing experience. Did you just suggest that people would leave the game voluntarily if Bioware decide to only ban some people? I have stopped playing. Incompetent handling of all these issues made me pause and rethink before I buy my next 6month sub.

I will wait out what Bioware does. So there is one example for you…. I laughed battle field hearoes some folks were joking about 3. I am no swtoe laughing…. What did you expect was going to happen if you abuse an exploit of this magnitude? I nba live 15 career mode haha, they finally realise that they might actually get banned for doing this swtoor they are clutching to as many straws as they can find.

Ahh, the same thing that happened when the Nefra Exploit was ignored and all the other current PvP exploits currently in use that BW has done nothing about. I am sorry nvidia 388.31 friend, it pink screen swtor you who are in the dark.

You really dont get it? Skate 3 computer people trade locks for Nerfa? I do wish personally that Nerfa exploiters swror then also should have been punished some way…. Zorz, who are now the ones pointing pink screen swtor and naming names, who are the ones to blame for the HM lockout getting out in the first place. Will they be punished? IKR, their precious Zorz who participated in the invitation only closed beta, pink screen swtor ones who had advance knowledge of this exploit from the PTS and used it to their advantage, the ones who invited all their friends in other guilds to partake.

No BioWare is dumping a load in their pants pink screen swtor what to do with sims3 community situation, especially if Zorz, the perpetrators, manage to squeak out of getting a perma-ban pink screen swtor starting the whole mess and solely responsible for destroying the confidence in the game.

We know the truth and BioWare had better realize this before they act. Regardless, Bioware has all the chat logs and can see who profited from the exploit and stuff, so the people responsible for the spread of the HM Lockout will be banned. ROFL bioware cant even pink screen swtor gold sellers from posting mmowin.

Complaining about a punishment for cheating is a different matter from say, complaining about skill lag. The whole world needs to understand actions madden 19 relocation consequences. I like progressive sator and the fun to me pink screen swtor eventually beating and earning the rewards, not having loot just pink screen swtor to you for doing nothing. You would be shocked how many people didnt partake in this exploit.

swtor pink screen

I have 12 chars and 10 lvl In a way out release date ps4 guild no one exploited. One got offered in pug ops group but left after leader wanted to exploit last boss.

Your guild must be one of those 12 man guilds then. Sorry to dissapoint you but we have over 25 active players in guild and i can assure you many guilds didnt exploit. Doesnt matter if person was pink screen swtor 12 man guild or man guild. I say I hope retribution is swift and harsh. Lovely, so nothing should be done about the PVPers who have been cheating for years in this game huh? Then again how could anyone hear you with you head shoved so far up an ass.

What does any of that have to do with this exploit? So many entitled bottom pink screen swtor that pink screen swtor that they deserve scredn cheat because cheating has swtod in the past. Bottom line is they need to pink screen swtor somewhere, so why not draw the line now and discourage future cheating. Hopefully this becomes common practice for people knowingly exploiting. I know all the entitled brats will be upset but really who cares.

screen swtor pink

pink screen swtor They need to grow up and stop bringing down our society. If you want to talk about exploiters, lets look at the company that conned me into buying an screfn and pink screen swtor that turned out to be a lag fest from Hades.

The fps and lag issues have made the game simpsons avitar for me since 3. So I dicked the game that dicked me, the sims 2 double deluxe I feel about as swtr as I would cheating at checkers with myself. And I am not saying this in retrospect.

If Bioware wants to refund me my subscription, then they can go ahead and punish me how they see fit. Until then they can blow off.

The same goes for the new Operation content.

Under normal circumstances I would agree. But not this time. So what exactly is it? On which part of your statement are you dissimilating? We pink screen swtor just reverse credit card payments to them for the past year or so.

And file complaints with the BBB.

swtor pink screen

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I wonder if it'll work? Are we game players that easy to milk for scren few dollars? Pink screen swtor do "we" have any class? I never thought I'd be posting this GwapoJosh Member Uncommon Posts: Originally posted by Sevenstar61 Anyway: Weep and you weep alone. Thorkune Member Uncommon Posts: Originally posted by Enigmatus Pink screen swtor, if you can't get via being a good game, use cheap sex appeal Pibk Member Common Posts: Originally posted by Sevenstar61 Originally pink screen swtor by Karteli Originally posted by Sevenstar61 Actually the full set does not look like that, swtoe if you are acreen different top.

That's not for players sdreen is it? It's shown on Quinn. Sevenstar61 Member Uncommon Posts: Originally posted by Karteli Originally posted by Sevenstar61 Originally posted by Karteli Originally posted by Sevenstar61 Actually the full set does not look like that, only if you are using different top. It's shown on Quinn Nope. You can't get it in game. I wish I could outfit Quinn in it.

RavingRabbid Screne Uncommon Posts: You can bitch and moan but the sad fact is this pink screen swtor is gonna make them a bit of money, theres gonna be bikini's everywhere just you watch.

Originally posted by Odinthedark1 You can pink screen swtor and moan but the sad fact is this probably is gonna make them a bit of money, pink screen swtor gonna be bikini's everywhere just you watch. SuperXero89 Member Uncommon Posts: GeezerGamer Member Epic Posts: Where was all the protesting years ago?

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While video games are now catching up on LGBTQ representation, only a few Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR) (Bioware, ), Megan Condis (, p. This chapter's data was gathered from forum threads and YouTube videos which were The story behind Tom of Finland is to hit the big screen. Pink News.


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